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May 20, 2020  
May 13, 2020  

Citation 8: Beuckens, T. (2020). ELLLO. Retrieved May 13, 2020, from http://elllo.org/index.htm


Chris interviews Todd Beuckens, Lecturer at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and founder of www.elllo.org

Todd talks about the founding of his online learning website, advice for listening content creators, and the best programs for teachers to use when making online classes. 

The review discussed in the podcast can be found here:

Contacts: haswell247@gmail.com, todd@elllo.org, www.meels.org

May 6, 2020  

Citation 7: Humphries, S. (2020). Please teach me how to teach. In C. Gkonou, J.M. Dewaele & J. King (Eds.), The emotional rollercoaster of language teaching (pp. 150-172). Multilingual Matters.


Jonathan interviews Dr. Simon Humphries - Professor of Intercultural Communication, Faculty of Foreign Language Studies and Graduate School of Foreign Language Education and Research at Kansai University.

We discuss his chapter in the forthcoming book: The Emotional Rollercoaster of Language Teaching. 

You can read the chapter here: Please teach me how to teach.

You can order the book here for 50% off: The Emotional Rollercoaster of Language Teaching

Contacts: JonathanShachter@gmail.com, shumphri@kansai-u.ac.jp  

April 29, 2020  
April 22, 2020  
April 15, 2020  

Citation 4: Ramonda, K. (2019). The role of encyclopedic world knowledge in semantic transparency intuitions of idioms. English Language & Linguistics, 23(1), 31–53.


Chris interviews Dr. Kris Ramonda - Associate Professor, Faculty of Foreign Language Studies at Kansai University.

Contacts:  haswell247@gmail.comk.ramonda@icloud.com

April 8, 2020  

Citation 3: Shachter, J. (2018). Tracking and quantifying Japanese English language learner speaking anxiety. The Language Teacher, 42, 3-7.


Chris interviews Jonathan Shachter - a Lecturer in English at Kyushu Sangyo University's Language Education and Research Center.  

Contacts: haswell247@gmail.com, JonathanShachter@gmail.com 

April 1, 2020  

Citation 2: Haswell, C. G. (2013). A global model of English. Asia Pacific World, 4(2), 122-137.


Jonathan interviews Dr. Christopher G. Haswell – Associate Professor, Faculty of Languages and Cultures at Kyushu University.

Contacts: JonathanShachter@gmail.com, haswell247@gmail.com 

March 25, 2020  

Citation 1: Harumi, S. (2011). Classroom silence: Voices from Japanese EFL learners. ELT journal, 65(3), 260-269.


Jonathan interviews Dr. Seiko Harumi – a Lecturer in Japanese and Applied Linguistics at The University of London. Look for her forthcoming book in June: East Asian Perspectives on Silence in English Education. 

East Asian Perspectives on Silence in English Education 

Contacts: JonathanShachter@gmail.com, sh96@soas.ac.uk

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